Your Guide to Wheelchair Cleaning and Maintenance

If a wheelchair is a daily part of your routine, cleaning it to ensure its functionality should also be a part of it. Just as you depend on your mobility product to perform daily tasks, it depends on you to keep it clean, maintained, and running!

Here’s a detailed guide on cleaning and disinfecting your mobility product.

 A reclining wheelchair on the shore

Cleaning vs. Disinfecting — What’s the Difference?

The upholstery, handles, and wheels on your wheelchair might have a buildup of germs, and this buildup will keep increasing if you don’t disinfect your wheelchair regularly.

Cleaning and disinfecting your wheelchair are two different things. While the former removes dirt and build up, the latter kills germs. Therefore, disinfecting your wheelchair is essential to keep you healthy for a long time.

Wheelchair Maintenance

Before you take out the disinfecting liquids, cleaning fabrics or agents, here are some points you should consider beforehand.

  • Read your wheelchair manual carefully, especially the maintenance part.
  • Disinfect contact surfaces like handles, backrest, seat, and more, through a disinfectant with at least 70% alcohol or other agents.
  • You can clean an electric wheelchair’s joystick with the help of a damp cloth and diluted disinfectant.
  • You should never use bleaches, sprays, wax enamels, or synthetic detergents for cleaning or maintaining a wheelchair.
  • Remember to pay extra attention to wheelchair parts that are always in contact with you. These include armrests and handles.
  • You should wipe down your wheelchair once before leaving the house and after returning to ensure proper maintenance.
  • Moreover, you should also separate the components and clean them with different products.

How Often Should You Clean and Sanitize Your Wheelchair?

We recommend cleaning and disinfecting your wheelchair once every week. However, if you use it just to go outside your house or want to clean every component separately, you can clean your wheelchair monthly. However, don’t push it more than that, as excessive maintenance can lead to wheelchair wear and tear.

A foldable wheelchair

You’re responsible for cleaning and maintaining a folding wheelchair, and we’re responsible for providing you with one. At Fatima Mobility, we have multiple heavy-duty and lightweight transport wheelchairs available so that you can get one according to your needs! See what mobility products are on sale and buy a wheelchair online. Be sure to clean it, and it will be your partner for a long time!