Buying Guide


Wheelchairs and other mobility aids can give a person self-supporting movements and allow necessary advantage for those who may have an injury, illness, or physical impairment. They put forward support and durable comfortability for the full-body. Fatima Mobility gladly announced that nowadays there are more options to get wheelchairs, rollators, and other mobility accessories that may fit your needs. This guide can help you compress your options and decide for the right choice.


At first, it can be hard to decide what wheelchair and rollator you really need considering your physical challenges, age, weight, financial situation, and so on. Especially with the misinterpretation that only those who are not able to walk and always require full-body support should use one. There are many other reasons one might use a wheelchair and rollator. For example, a wheelchair and rollator can benefit those:

  • In need for independence.
  • Get their social life back.
  • In need of better alignment, balance and effective walking mobility.
  • In need of better flexibility to perform their daily activities.
  • Looking to relieve pressure sores such as lower back pain and neck pain.
  • With broken bones or injuries.
  • With unsteady balance or gait.
  • With neurological issues.
  • Who are taking care of a loved one with physical impairment.

You must take in consideration your daily struggle and how much you are missing  due to your current situation like having illness, some injury, or unwanted disabilities when choosing a wheelchair, rollator, and other mobility aids.